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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it just me?

Ever had so many projects you didn't know where to begin?  

That's me.

I have one project I've been trying to complete for some seven years.  I am over 1/2 way through this project.  The material once sewn will make three bedspreads for my sons toddler beds.  {If I ever finish them.} 

One project, I've only had in the works for a couple weeks.  No photos yet, but it is going to be a twiggy wreath.  I'll explain in depth at a later date.  How much later no one knows, but one day I'll show you how to make a twiggy wreath. ; )

So neither project is close to be finished.

Nor are any of the projects in between.  Like this one.  Remember when I mentioned it weeks ago?  I recently manage to paint a third coat of chalkboard paint upon it.   I think it needs one more coat if paint, at the least.  

Hopefully, a fourth coat of paint is the charm because I tripped over the can of paint last week and half of it spilled on the floor so there isn't a whole lot of paint left.  {Just call me tanglefoot.}


Is it just me or have you found that its easier to begin a project than to finish it?

And it isn't encouraging when one of your ideas ends up being a flop.  Like this one. 

 And this one.  

Both were my attempts to make homemade cloth baby diapers.  First a fitted diaper and than a pocket diaper.  Next time I try to sew these I am going to purchase a pattern.  I would have gotten a pattern, but I was trying to save money and time.  {LOL} 

The only other project I actually completed was canning raspberry jam with my Mom a couple months ago and even that didn't end happily ever after.  Half the jam set perfectly.  The other half not so perfectly.  I'll post on that soon(ish).

So as you can see I need motivation.

Where to start, where to start...

So I am curious.  What do you do, when you are in need of motivation?  Leave a comment.  I would love to read all your inspiring tips.

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Turley Times said...

It is NOT just you. I have millions of incomplete or yet-to-be-started projects too. Sometimes the weather motivates me (if it's nice out and not windy I can do some spray painting in the garage). Sometimes I'm motivated by boredom (I might as well do a project because I have nothing better to do). But most of the time I am seeking motivation! I think that knowing my free time has a March deadline because of the baby will help me to get some stuff done over the next few months.


Robin Beck said...

Oh my goodness...You don't even want to go there with me and my half done projects! LOL! The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing when you are doing it.
A couple weeks ago I bought some Red Toile-The lady cutting it asked me what I was going to make with it...My reply? "Nothing, it's just going to sit with all my other beautiful fabric till one day it hits me what it should be, until then it will look pretty in a pile and bring me joy."
:) Hey, I know me, procrastination is my middle name!

If I truly want to get a project finished I BLOG about it. Then I feel I would be letting alot of people down if I didn't finish it!(like this new chalkboard project I'm working on)

Enjoy the Sonshine~!


Sarah said...

funny! that just what my craft room looks like. A bunch of unfinished projects.

Michelle said...

I have unfinished projects all over the place, but for ME, the nice thing about that is I can work on whatever strikes my fancy that day versus HAVING to do one thing.

Somedays I'm motivated to work on the sun room, some days the bathroom, and some days just sit on my butt and admire everyone else's projects :)

Anonymous said...

I am not crafty so I don't do those kinds of projects. When we start a house project we tend to finish it. I hope you'll be able to get everything finished soon!

Jessica said...

I am terrible with completing things... which is why hubby doesn't drive me to the craft store as often as I want! lol

I also have tons of projects I want to do, but never get started, or don't have supplies for yet.