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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A painted vanity, a question, and the bathroom ceiling

Hello friends! :)

I hope you are having a good week so far!

I want to show you a little painting project I am finishing up, and get your opinion on something, if you don't mind!

I have had this half finished vanity for a very long time, for over a year, but just wasn't sold on it being white.

I then decided gray would be nice, but which gray?

Originally, I was thinking of a lighter gray, but fell in love with this color...

(Stone Mason by Valspar)

Have you ever had a piece of furniture that you almost gave up on? Well, that was this piece...and in the end, I found it needed the darker gray to give it a bit of elegance, and to help it stand out a little.

(And here it is pressed up against the wall for now. I just finished painting it, and so I haven't decorated it yet.)

I have little glass knobs for each of the drawers that I will put on...

But here is the dilemma, and this is where you come in...I hope...

Originally I was debating painting the mirror with chalkboard paint, but now am wondering with the darker gray, would that be too much?

But perhaps it would be prettier to leave it as a mirror?

OR...the last and final option, I could turn the mirror into a little linen memo board?

I cannot decide.

Mostly because I like making conventional things unconventional...and creating something different out of the mirror would do that. But then again, maybe it would be nice to keep it as a mirror?

And now I am just repeating myself, so here is the real question:

What would you do? I want to hear your thoughts...please save me from myself! ;)

Thank you so, so much!

And now for the bathroom ceiling...

I have again dragged my poor, but sweet, husband into a project that would require his help. It involves some of this:

...and a couple of Saturday afternoons, to transform this:

(our ugly, boring ceiling, in our ugly, boring master bath.)

...Into something pretty. It should be all installed this weekend!

Now he doesn't completely understand why I would bother with the ceiling, but sweet guy that he is, let me pull him into yet another one of my hair brained ideas! ;)

It is not my own original idea, but instead something I saw on another blog last year...

I am actually redoing the whole bathroom while I'm at it, too! It desperately needs to be painted again! I will be sure to show pictures of the ceiling when it is *finished*!

I hope you all have a good Thursday, and thank you so much for dropping by! :)

Much love,




marenmat said...

Love the vanity and especially the color you gave it! I think your ideas of the chalkboard or the linnen (either way) would make the piece stand out even more. Great idea. Love to see how that turned out and what you decided on. (love the linnen idea best;o))

Have fun with it!

Tiff said...

What a decision! I am not going to be very helpful because I love mirrors and I would find it hard to cover it over! Plus I love the silver and grey.... You could do something unusual with it though.... I remember a Graphics Fairy project ( where she revamped an old mirror... I've always wanted to give it a go.. perhaps something like that might satisfy your craving to be creative and give you a really individual piece! I am looking forward to seeing what you decide to do, whatever you decide I am sure it will be gorgeous! X

WobiSobi said...

It is so pretty as a mirror ,I think., But it just depends what you use it for. Beautiful job, I love the gray.

Diane H said...

Love what you've done with the paint and new handles will look great. I'm with the comment above, depends what your going to use it for. I like the padded memo board idea. I have the complete matching French Provencal set in my bedroom that was my MIL's that needs redoing - thanks for the inspiration!

michelle said...

What a pretty little desk and I love the color that you chose! As for the inside I like the mirror but I also like the memo board but the only thing is when you shut the top will it hold everything in place? Any is a great option and I know that you will come up with something beautiful for it! I can't wait to see!

Mandy said...

Love that vanity!

I would only cover that mirror if you think you'll really use the message board or chalk board. I love the mirror with that gray color.

This is just a thought, but maybe you could paint the mirror with mirrored spray paint to give it an aged look or attach a piece of sheet metal there to make a magnet board.

Robin Beck said...

I'd say if you are not going to leave it as a mirror you should do the linen memo board-That sounds softer then the chalkboard for a piece like that.

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!


Anonymous said...


What a darling vanity and I heart the gray! I think it really suits it. I personally, wouldn't paint the mirror. I think it would make it too dark. A padded memo board that you could cover over the top would be nice. If you got tired of the memo board you'd still have the pretty mirror. I get the whole using conventional things in an unconventional way. Will be interesting to see what you do.

Good luck with your bathroom reno, too!


Sky said...

Lovely :)

Tammy @ Type A said...

it would look great with a tin ceiling and crown molding. i love the gray you used. looks great.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

I LOVE your blog Jenni!;) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment today~ Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh! Jenni
Are you not glad you did not give up on the piece now!!

You gave it a life of its own a real treasured piece indeed.

The chalkboard thing Hmmmm! I am going to get real with you! Loving chalk boards I am tired of seeing them and find them a little over done on everything. This piece needs a look of its own, a little new and a little old. How about going to your craft store and getting the tarnish that you spray on the back of the mirror to age the foil it will peal and tarnish and look like an old mirror and add that touch of hauntingly beautiful look to it, and some old tarnish pewter looking knobs. I am loving old metal ones these days, a new look of old :)

I love your idea of the tag board, yet you could take advantage of the framed look of glass with a layered look of black and white photos behind the new glass.

There is so many changes you can to with framing family art and personal old historical family photos in it :)

Are you going to leave the top open to see the beauty of what is in the mirrored space? If so I really love aging the mirror and placeing a small table top lamp in the space for an old reflection casting beauty of your hard work.

Love it girl! you really did not need our advise, you are on the right path of creating it in your vision.

Looking forward to the bathroom makeover.

Anonymous said...

I had the thought of a little message board before I read down to where you voiced that idea. It might be really charming. Otherwise I'd keep the mirror.

Annie said...

I love the grey you painted it! And I think I memo board would be super useful and cute. Can't wait to see it all decorated!

Burlap Luxe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Jenni,
Thank you for returning, I am returning to let you know my older postings are all about galvanized metals...Love the patina and the look of washed grays :)
I used a Galvanized bucket that still had its great handle on it with touches of rust here and there for a WASTE CAN in the guest BATHROOM...I get the best comments on it :) You may steal my idea :)

I hope the mirror will be easy to remove from the vanity top, I am sure you will make sure it all goes well.

So I really like the idea of metal knobs on it, it will tie in with your love of galvanized. If you have to buy new ones then bang them up, sand, strip, and just make them look a bit old, or just look for ones that look old.

You can paint those birds, blow one of mine up from my photo and go with your own style, even if it turns out child like, I love when art takes on this feeling.

There are no mistakes in shabby!

Be inspired with what is inside of you, place a paint brush in your hand and paint from your heart :)


Humble Homemaker said...

Love it! I think your colour choice was perfect. You did a fantastic job. :) Feel free to link it up at my Weekend Review Link Party to share with others. Beautiful!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

I love the little vanity and the color is great. Where are you planning to use this piece? I would totally use it as a makeup vanity, so I would keep the mirror. If you are using it for another purpose, then the memo board would look cool.

aimee said...

i do love the color and the piece. i dont know if this was mentioned, but how about cutting a piece of wood the size of the mirror, painting it with the chalk board paint, and covering the mirror. then if you get tired of the chalk board or decide to use it for something else you can remove the wood cover.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Hi Jenni~ thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog today!;) Im so glad you were able to get some of those candles!!How funny I wonder if anyone is going to buy the Where in Seattle are you?Im in the suburb of Kent. Maybe we can meet up sometime~ Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Anonymous said...

try painting a fun color around the mirror--green , hot pink , raincoat yellow.
and the pulls will be great