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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage stove or new stove? {Your advice, please!}

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well!

I have an appliance dilemma, and was hoping I could get your advice! :)

Three years ago, I bought a vintage stove off Craigslist. I bought it despite the fact that it needed to be rewired, and also needed three out of four new elements, and both oven elements replaced...

{Please ignore our half finished breakfast room!}

I had my reasons for going ahead with the purchase despite said facts: {wink} 

It was the exact stove I was looking for {a 1940's Kelvinator}.

The chrome and porcelain was in excellent condition, except for one knick on the top side, which I can fix.

It had potential and good bones, and it would just take a lot of scrubbing and some recoating of the oven drawers on my part...

and of course, rewiring on the part of my husband. ;)

We have bought all of the parts necessary for this project, but now I am second guessing myself.

A vintage stove has been one of my big "kitchen dreams" for quite a while. And for quite a while my little stove has been waiting in a corner of our breakfast room...

I have thought maybe we should forego one of too many to-dos on our list and simply buy a new, clean stove...

And my, oh my, if one could have any new stove in the world, what of this gorgeous stove?

{Landmark Kitchens UK}


{Landmark Kitchens UK}

Or this one?

{Landmark Kitchens UK}

Absolutely delicious, isn't it?

And there is always the option of buying the new old stove, such as this lovely made by Big Chill:


Realistically, if we go the "new" route, we will purchase something more like this:

It is just so fun to dream! :)

However, I must admit candidly, that there is just nothing quite like the real thing, at least for me.

Here is a little like what I picture our old stove looking in our kitchen:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Doesn't the stove pictured look right at home?


There is just something about old things, they add something very special and unique to the room. 
SO...if the choice was yours, what would you do? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday, and thank you so much for stopping by! :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,

I am re posting this line you typed

"A vintage stove has been one of my big "kitchen dreams" for quite a while."

Did you see the word DREAM? don't give up on your dream,your 1940's Kelvinator is a DREAM cooker for me too :) and i think you should fix her up and put her in your kitchen and post lots of pictures of how cute she looks and then i can dream too,
Love to you Krissie x

ChRiS said...

you need to go with your heart......or everyday you walk in that kitchen your ask yourself why you didn't.......besides you have the investment made..go with it if it don't make u happy buy a new 1 !!

Lilliedale said...

I have a very old Wedgewood, and although she may have a few dings and no fancy features I love the charm and character it adds to my kitchen. That being said, I was able to find mine in perfect working order and did not have to invest much time or money into repairs. I can see why you would be tempted to go for a new one but I think your beautiful stove it would be worth it in the end. Hope that helps! ~Merrilee

Blessed Serendipity said...

I love your vintage stove. I have and use a 1940's vintage white wedgewood gas stove and I just love the charm and character it gives my kitchen. Yes I have to turn cookie sheets sideways to fit in the oven, but it still cooks like a dream and I will never give it up. Great find!


Kate said...

Hi Jenni

I am with the rest of the girls follow your heart. She is such a dream and I am one of those that believe in following them all the way. Have a wonderful day


Deborah said...

Thats such a beautiful stove!!
Love thelook of it, and all your other photos here are just dreamy!
Deborah xo

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

Jenni, I agree with you that there is nothing quite like the real thing. I would stick with the beautiful, old stove you found. It will add so much charm to your kitchen.


marenmat said...

you know, sometimes we see a huge mountain, but when we finally conquer it, it feels like a little hill you just had to pass....
Try and find the time to get that dreamstove going and you will love every minute of watching it stand out in your kitchen!!


Burlap Luxe said...

If money is no object then you could take the easy way out and buy a new old looking stove!
Yet there is something about your find and what a beauty! :)
If all you need is a little elbow grease cleaning and you have all the parts to restore then I say get going girl make your dream come true.

Perhaps your wonderful handy man hubby can work on it here and there making it fun yet not so burden some to him :)
Let him know how fun it will be for him, he's the man, we have all seen his work around your home :)

I have a friend in nothern Ca. who did just what you did found her dream stove and was up in the air in what to do, she loved the look yet needed a new stove for larger baking and food prep, she always had large functions and holidays at her home and cooking in the smaller ovens was her dilemma... so in remodeling her kitchen I told her why do you not do two stoves in the kitchen? It was a perfect out come she managed to do 2 seperate areas for to white beautiful dream stoves one old and one new! in her kitchen, holidays were fabulous at my dear friends home with cooking galore!!!

What ever you decide I am certian it will be perfect :)

Lara Kennard said...

I would go with the vintage! It's totally unique and will really set an awesome mood in your kitchen. I LOVE THE STOVE!! And, it you said yourself it's one of you dreams!

Ironstone and Pine said...

Hi Jenni! I know exactly how you feel....I too always longed for one of those old beauties, and i found one on Craigslist close to home that had NEVER even been turned on! (it was given to the sellers grandfather as a promotional gift from his company back in the 40's, but had been sitting in the grandparents basement since they never used it!!! You can see a picture of it on my blog under Lake Shack) I see your delemma though; we had a place to put ours in a lake house, im not sure if i could replace my stove/oven here at home that i use everyday....the thing heats up the whole house!! Still, if you love it, i would find room for it in your kitchen AND buy something else too....having more than one oven does come in handy sometimes, and these big beauties are just so awesome to look at!! Hope you get her working, i think you'll be glad you did!!~devon :)

. said...

I the dream my friend!!! :)

I think you will always look at your 'new' stove and still long for what could have been.

Lori said...

I would never think twice about that old beauty! I can see the disadvantages after reading others' comments about it being smaller and heating the entire house, but I also like the idea of having two. My mother in law has a beautiful old stove in her kitchen along with a regular modern one. It doesn't look bad at all. Her old one doesn't work, but she has it standing alone away from the one she uses. It doesn't need anything but itself to literally make her kitchen! Have you decided?

busyascanbe said...

I love your stove. I just bought one to but I am having a hard time find replacement parts...if you had to find some where did you find yours?

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