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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monogram Art {Glittered Monogram With Chicken Wire}

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and found time to do something you enjoy!

I have been busy monogramming. :)

Like many of you, I am loving monograms...Something about them is so endearing and romantic.

And I have a few unique monogram ideas that I will be sharing with you this upcoming week!

First up is: 

Glittered Monogram with Wire Art

This was a fun craft to make, and actually a pretty simple and inexpensive one as well.

{Most of the time it took was spent deciding what frame to use, what color to paint it, what size of letter, and so forth. You know how it goes!}

I wanted a square frame, which are not as easy to find. But that was okay, because I had a plan:

Enter canvas stretch frames

You fit them together by sliding one of them into the next, into the notches on each end,

but it can be a little tricky getting them to fit correctly. I used a square to make sure it was, well, square and adjusted it as necessary.

I just tapped it lightly into place here and there with a hammer. I used a small block when I hammered so I wouldn't dent the frame!

As you can see, these frames are not meant to be perfect, and mine definitely wasn't. But I wanted a slightly shabby look, so I was happy. :)

I spray painted it {Valspar white in flat} 

and cut chicken wire first to approximate size.

I left a little room at what would be the top for a picture hanger holder, and trimmed the excess off with wire cutters.

After this, I stapled the chicken wire into place.

{Have I ever told you how much I love my staple gun? It is right up there with my table saw and glue gun!}

At this point, I stapled my ribbon on the back, on the top middle of the frame. I had originally left room for a hanger holder thing, but one was no where to be found. ;)

If you do have one, you can loop the ribbon through the "holder", if you like!

Or you can opt out of the ribbon entirely and simply prop it up against a wall or on top of a fireplace mantel:

Now I had chosen a small "frame", the smallest size offered actually, which is the 8". {I know, the picture shows 10" ones, but I forgot to take a picture of the 8". Oops!}
 To get my glittered letter, I traced a letter I already had onto a cardboard cereal box and cut it out. 

I was cutting letters out of regular chipboard,  which is what I did with the next monogram craft I'll be showing you, but it was so hard to cut, even with an exacto or even my craft knife! 

I got the idea to use a box instead from a wonderful post at c.w.frosting, on making chipboard letters. I was actually able to cut the letter out with scissors! Then I actually used my nail file afterward to smooth and round the edges of the letter, so you couldn't tell it was cut! Sounds crazy I know, but it worked! :)

A little Elmer's glue spread on top of the letter with a foam brush...

...and my favorite dark blue glitter {brand: martha stewart, color: hematite}.

To adhere the letter, I used my glue gun and centered the letter, pressing it down lightly for a bit.
And then it was done. :)

If you would like to make one for yourself, this is what you will need:

frame of choice
carpenter's square
spray paint for frame
chicken wire
cardboard dry goods box {or a pre-made glittered chipboard letter}
your favorite glitter
Elmer's school glue
glue gun
staple gun

I love anything glittered.

I love that this project was practically free, because I already had most of the supplies on hand.

I love monograms.

How about you?

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Have a beautiful Monday!



RhettDidntGiveADamn said...

This is a real cutie. I love monograms and anything chicken wire floats my boat! Thanks for sharing. :) I'm pinning this.

michelle said...

So cute Jenni! I love the color of the glitter too and never thought of using canvas frames, great idea!!
I am glad that you had a good weekend!

Seawashed said...

This is a sweet project. Lovely simple look. And yes, I am loving the monograms too...and chicken wire.

Kate said...


What a great tutorial and I love the finished project!! Really inspiring to say the least. I love the projects that you share.


Erin said...

Believe it or not, the box is leaving this week...almost a month, a year, a decade??? later. Love this Jenni!

Burlap Luxe said...
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Burlap Luxe said...

Hi jenni

I love this project, I am featuring holiday "Christmas" over at my place. I know that every project has a cost when creating!
But one could shorten the word "Merry Christmas" as my signs say and you could even do these with the word "NOEL" then hang them as you have done with your great garland look across the fireplace mantel!

I just saw some letters at our Michaels craft store Hmmmm! this is something I would love to do, Jenni you could even hang them as a greeting on the porch or entryway!

Love this inspiring project!

Jenni said...

Okay Dore, you're on to me! Check back in later this week, I will be posting something similar to this! :)

Tiff said...

WOW! Jenni, I LOVE this project! I can't believe how you made that frame! I am going to give it a go with a small frame from a charity store... maybe I will do a few and write a word! You have insprired me once again my clver friend!!! X

Anonymous said...

Your monogram artwork is too cute! I've got this linked to my chicken wire post too today, nice job!