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Sunday, November 20, 2011

For love of wide plank floors...

Hello dear friends!

I hope your November is going well! I say this because it has been three weeks since I have blogged, and so I haven't wished you a happy November to you yet! :)

I have been working on the master bedroom...still...
It is going very well, and I am loving how it is turning out! 

And just when you thought, "Well, how about that, she just may finish this room and show us pictures", I am afraid I have a confession...

I ripped out the carpet this past Monday! It gave me such a wonderful sense of satisfaction to do so, too! 

My husband and I finally came to a compromise on flooring for our room~ a wood plank floor for me, with a large rug on top of it for him!

The only problem? Well, this brings us to yet another installment of "What were they thinking?"

Can anyone tell me why {oh why} did people think that particle board was a good alternative to plywood for a subfloor? I know it can be a way to cut costs down, but that is just the thing: particle board is cheap! Furthermore, you cannot lay a hardwood floor on a particle board subfloor...

So on Friday I started laying down a new subfloor {by myself, while my husband was at work} and finished about half of it. Then we cut the other 4 x 8' sheets to size when he got home. 

The subfloor is officially in, and it looks so much better than the old carpet or the particle board!

So now I am dreaming of gorgeous wood floors...

Wide planks~ painted white, of course!

Our floor planks will be 8 foot long and 8 inches wide...

But all of that said, I must admit I do find the wide planks beautiful stained as well,

I think I will be giving this particular look to our son's room...

I think the darker floor boards work so well in a boy's room.

{Country Living}

Both looks are lovely, but there is just something about those white floors. And they are the right choice for our room, I think. :)

I have started our floors and will be working on them this week! I know it will take a bit of time, though, because I will be creating this wide plank look in an, let's say, unusual way.
I will be sharing more on this soon! ;)

SO...Do you like wide planked floors? If so, which is your favorite floor finish? 

Well, I hope you have a good night and a beautiful Monday! I am looking forward to visiting you all! {I am so sorry I have been out of the loop for a while now!}


{All photos courtesy of Beach Studios unless otherwise stated.}


Brandi said...

I love your ideas Jenni! So glad you and your husband were able to agree on flooring for your room. I'm amazed that you laid the sub flooring down by yourself! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Normally I would have said I like the stained floors better but I'm really loving the look if the white. Hmm......I can't decide.

Lynne said...

Hi Jenni!
You are impressive my dear...laying sub floors! I love the white...but I would never convince Mr Dreams to go for it. I have, however convinced him to replace all of our wall to wall carpeting with plank flooring and area rugs!

Your room is going to be magical! I am looking forward to the reveal!

Thank you for sharing such an inspirational array of photographs!

It's always a joy to see you pop up on my favorite blogs!

I wish you warm blessings (it's been cold, hasn't it?)


P.S. ~ I hope that you received my email and saw my blog post about my wonderful bookazine! (love it) Thank you, sweet friend!

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

I love the look of white painted floors, I'm trying to convince my husband to do them in our bedroom too. I can't wait to see how yours turn out Jenni!

Cheryl said...

Love wide plank wood floors. I like them stained or white. But if I did them for a room in my home, I would have to do them stained. I love that hickory wood distressed look.
You have some great ideas and inspiration pics. Will be stopping by again to see how your floors look.

Cheryl said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. So glad you stopped by as I wanted to come back and see your finished wide plank floors and I forgot to bookmark your site.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Callie Brady said...

I love the white monochromatic look... clean, crisp and still homey. Hope you had wonderful holidays.

Bente said...

Hi, I have been looking through your blog(all of it).I have never seen so much inspiration in one blog. Love it, so I`m your new follower.

Hugs Bente

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hi there..first of all let me say I love your blog!! This post is great and if I may add my two cents,we have wide pine plank floors in most of our rooms and the majority of them are stained BUT our bedroom floor is painted white and I LOVE IT!!! Theres something so clean and fresh about it,if it were up to me they would all be white!!!All the best,Chrissy

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Love, love, love them! I think they look absolutely amazing.

Bryant Park Designs said...

I adore wide plank floors. And a darker finish for a boys room seems sooo appropriate!! Cheers! Becky

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Thanks so much for visitng, Jenni! Such a nice comment you left for me. I love your selections in this post. We like a lot of the same things.

Tiff said...

It all looks so amazing! I have a wide plank (European Oak) that is whitewashed and rubbed back... I love it! I must show you a picture sometime!!! I have just been catching up... I am finally on holidays! X

michelle said...

Look at you go!!!! I love it and I love the inspiration photos. I bet you are working hard and I can't wait to see the finished floors!!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving are you are taking time to enjoy the holiday season!

Deborah said...

Jenni Im so excited for you!
I cant wait to see what you've done!
We just finished sanding down our wood floors in our living room and then I painted them white. I cant even say how much I love it!
Its a haven for me in there!
I adore the wide plank floors..we have wide plank in ourdining room which my hubby cut and put in himself. They are a walnut now but will be going white in the spring! Love white!
Yeah for you!

Deborah xoxo

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