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Friday, December 23, 2011

Make a Reindeer {A cute children's craft}

A very happy two days before Christmas to you all! I hope this finds you doing well! :)

I have a cute little craft to show you for the kids, something to keep them busy while they wait for Christmas Day! This one is ideal for elementary school ages and older. 

 {Clothespin Reindeer} 

What you'll need for each reindeer:

3 "no-roll" clothespins
Two red sequins
Green and red felt
Ribbon to hang ornament
Small wiggly eyes
 *Tacky Glue/Elmer's glue or glue gun/glue sticks

*If they are old enough to use a low temp glue gun, or if an adult can help them, that works better than the Elmer's glue we first tried. My kids and I switched to using the glue gun! But Elmer's glue does work, if you have patience to allow for the extra drying time. I have heard fantastic things about "Tacky Glue", so if you have younger children, that might be the best route!

To make this ornament, first take two of the three clothespins and glue them together.

Then glue one side of the very top of the third clothespin, pressing it onto the other two clothespins you glued together, like this:

Next glue on the wiggly eyes and a red sequin for a nose

Now it's time to cut a piece of felt to glue over the reindeer back...I cut mine into kind of a "band aid" shape, but a rectangle works, too! :)

 Then just glue it onto your reindeer like so:

Next up are the reindeer's ears, which are meant to look at little like leaves, and a red sequin between them. See how it looks like holly leaves and berries?

 But what would a reindeer be without a tail?

I just love these pom poms, and we used them for ours. However, these have to be glued on with the glue gun, so if you are using Tacky glue or Elmer's glue, regular pom poms work just great!

 Now just glue your pom pom to the back of the reindeer,and add a ribbon tie to it.

{I just made a loop of ribbon and tied it together, and glued the tied knot in between the back of his antlers...}

And there you have it! A fun little reindeer ornament your kids can hang on the tree!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day! I am going to be wrapping some gifts and baking more today! How are you spending these last days before Christmas? 


Allison said...

I remember making these as a kid :) Great memories!

Deborah said...

This is too cute!
I worked today but am done now and not back to work until the 27th!
I am relaxing now, but will begin some more baking this evening and some wrapping.
Tomorrow will be spent straightening up our home and baking some of my traditional butter pecan rolls to have ready for Christmas morn.
I love the last few days as they bring in Christmas Day!
Bless you sweet friend!!
Merry Christmas!

Much love,,
Deborah xoxoxoxoxo

Brandi said...

Such an adorable little reindeer! Merry Christmas, Jenni! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!

Tina said...

What a gorgeous little reindeer! My girls would love to make these...bookmarking it for next year:) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Jenni ~ xx