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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ah, summer...

...It is so good to see you again! How I have missed you! 

Welcome back, warm lazy days...

and long summer evenings curled up with a good book...


The Fourth of July...

and meals eaten outside... 

Here's to pie made with fresh berries...

and glasses of cold lemonade...



Hurray for time at the beach...


And picnics in the warm sunshine...

Hello flip flops


and sweet, sticky popsicles


Goodbye schoolbus


and hello vacation!

 You see, we have our lists of things we want to do while you're here, and are going to soak up every gorgeous sunset

     and every single blissful moment...

I know it's been summer for almost two weeks now, but I still just had to do a summer post! I hope you don't mind! :)

I also hope that you are having a great week, and to my American friends, that you have a fun and very safe Independence Day! 

Much love,


luci wallis said...

Oh what beautiful photos... I love summer, thanks for inspiration.

Unknown said...

Your beautiful collection of images makes me long for those warm balmy days of summer.... It's a chilly winter's morning here in Melbourne! Enjoy your summer Jenni!
best wishes Kerry

Tiff said...

Oh Jenni, how lovely to hear from you! Your beautiful images have uplifted my Winter spirits here in Australia!!! We also have school holidays! Ours are short though, we are back at school next week. Despite a bit of winter flu we are well rested. I have done a few projects but have many more began but not finished!!!! That is not unusual for me! Learning to crochet this year was a bit of a mistake, now I am addicted and have to pull my yarn out at every chance! The problem is that everything else gets put off... like emails and blogging! enjoy the sunshine and your gorgeous family!
God bless!
Tiffany xxxxxx

Lynne said...

It's here! ...and it's beautiful!

Your post is lovely, and perfectly timed.

We have busy weekend ahead.

Tonight, I will place the cushions on all of the outdoor furniture and primp our little outside room.

We will be attending a wedding in North Seattle tomorrow, and having a family barbecue on Sunday before Jay returns to Boise.

Thank you popping in to visit! I know that you are ready to enjoy the warmth and beauty that lies ahead.
So blessed to be your blog friend!

Brandi said...

As much as I love summer and spending extra time with my family, this heat is really making me miserable. Hope you and your family are staying cool.

About Southern Belle said...

Oh' I love the picture you showed of the beach--breathtaking!

Deborah said...

Jenni I adore summer too and your post captures all of its joys!
I just purchased those exact flip flops at Old Navy on our holidays and even in that colour (white too!) :)
My grand~daughter has been putting them on her feet and enjoying them too! Lol
So cute!
I can't get enough of summer and hope it lingers long....sigh
Have a great day...sending hugs your way!

Deborah xoxo