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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clothespins meet dictionary....

I love old books, but my absolute favorite are old dictionaries...I have a soft spot for dictionaries in the first place, but there is just something about the ones with those time worn pages that I cannot resist!

Combine that with tea dyed clothespins, my latest obsession...

And you get this:

{These were such a cinch to make, and a very inexpensive craft as well!}

And just in case you'd like to make these for yourself, I thought I'd include a little tutorial...

What you'll need:

Dictionary or other book~ if you do not have an old one, a new one will work too!

Mod Podge

Clothespins~ I used both large and small ones.

Black tea, such as Lipton.


Now I tea dyed my clothespins, an idea my sister {Belle} saw at Nancy's Tidbits...I thought this was such a wonderful idea! To dye mine, I soaked them in black tea in a bowl for about 24 hours. (You could always omit this though and just leave them as they are if you do not want them dyed.)

Once they are dry, tear a page out of your book and find where you want to trace your clothespin...I try to avoid choosing words such as "grease" or "prison", as those sort of words do not seem quite right! That is the only thing about using a dictionary! ;)

After tracing it, cut the narrow strip of paper and bring out your decoupage glue...

I used Q-tips to cover the clothespins with the glue because they were just the perfect size. I found it took only a thin coat of the glue to adhere the paper, because it was so thin.

Put the strip of paper onto the clothespin, carefully adjusting it if needed. Smooth out any creases, and repeat this process on the other side of the clothespin! OR leave it with just one side like this...I did it both ways, and think it's cute either way! :)

{ I am going to turn some of these into fun magnets for our refrigerator!}

What do you think?

I have more "dictionary crafts" on the way...I'm kind of on a roll here...

{I am linking this to Under the Table and Dreaming.}

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend! I'm never ready for Monday! How about you?





michelle said...

Very cute!!!

Erin said...

Good Morning Jenni! What I thought, I said out loud when I saw it..That's awesome!! Love the idea!

Michelle said...

Love it! Simple, cute, and a learning tool!

Anonymous said...

These have a vintage feel and are so adorable! Love easy crafts...

Anonymous said...

What a way~too~cute idea! Love it!!

Robin Beck said...

I think they are stinkin' cute!
I also think they would be really cute if you added a paper bird or a paper nest to the top of them! They would be cute clipped on top of a bag to give as a gift!
Super cute-LOVE the look of them!
Hope you are enjoying this "lovely" weather we are having. We are going to Forks tomorrow or the next day (our anniversary/IF our daughter takes the baby for a couple of days that is!)

Tara said...

So simple yet completely cute!

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the clothes pins my kind of could clip them on a Christmas tree holding black and white family vintage photos or cards and such!

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make sure you leave at least up to 3 random comments so the raise the bar on the win. You are entitled to at least leaving two, for a 3rd post my button GiveAway! on you site :)

Leave one here and their and maybe the random number counter will pick one of your comment spots.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Camasthecat said...

That WAS my dictionary!!

signage sheffield said...

Good one! Very well composed and presented.

Luxury Apartments Lady said...

Love these, they're so cute! Such a sweet little detail for the home.