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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featuring Quit Eating Out

When it comes to recipes, look no further. Quit Eating Out is the place to fly away to for inspiration. Kim has a variety of recipes, from heavenly desserts to kid-friendly meals to elegant dinner menus. We're featuring two of our favorite recipes at Beautiful Nest.

My Favorite Sandwich

{Both Belle and Jenni have made this recipe for their families who loved it! } The pesto loving woman that Belle is, she just couldn't resist making it for dinner one summer evening. Not only did this sandwich taste amazing, it was easy to make, a plus for a busy momma of four lil' ones!

If you're like Belle, you've attempted many a time to bake a tender, juicy, flavor-filled chicken only to be disappointed with dismal results. Well be disappointed no more! Not only was this recipe easy to prepare, the results were stunning! Belle was so impressed with this recipe she intends to use it for this year's Thanksgiving turkey. It will be Belle's first attempt preparing and baking the turkey, so wish her luck!

Not only does Kim have a quantity of recipes to glance over, but she hosts a blog party each Saturday called Saturday Swap, so if you enjoy baking and cooking be sure to stop by and link your recipe to the swap!

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Erin said...

Looks tasty, and if it's easy, it's a recipe I have to have!!!(I did say I was Super proud of you Belle, jerseys;))

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Jenni for your comment to my recycled holiday gifting idea's.

I hope you got my email on the flint bottles/wine hurricane lanterns. I had to laugh out loud about the comment you made on how I got the candles inside. You need to get a glass bottle cutter and cut the bottoms off :) It is sooo! easy and then sand edges with a stained glass buffer.

You can buy all tools at a hardware or crafting store.
I hope you are inspired and give it a try!

see you soon girl.

Robin Beck said...

Hi ladies,
First off I wanted to tell you that once again I am behind on my visiting of blogs! Thank you so much for both your wonderful comments on my blog-You both are so sweet!
Second, everything looks delicious on this post. I don't eat out due to being gluten free.
Now I must go check out everything else you two have posted!
Have a great weekend,