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Monday, January 17, 2011

You've Got Mail! {A Valentine's Idea}

Well, I was supposed to show you a Valentine's Day craft, but I am not happy with the pictures I took. So I will have to wait until tomorrow for this. But I have a fun Valentine's Day idea for you instead tonight! :)

Two years ago I happened upon some darling little metal mailboxes while shopping at Target, in the dollar section. I thought it would be fun for each of us in my family to have one. I could imagine sneaking little surprises into their mail boxes as the days lead up to Valentine's Day. I knew what a kick our kids would get out of this, and so I bought four of them. (My husband and I don't mind sharing!) We actually started this barely past New Year's up until February 14th. It was a complete hit! And our kids enjoyed giving everyone else mail, too! I talked about this on my other blog, Nest to Keep, when we did this, but realized I hadn't shown it here. :) (If you click on the the blog title, it will take you to the original post.)

Now the mailboxes came out again last year, as this has become a tradition in our home. However, this year I replaced them with new ones, because a couple of them had lost the part that opened in the front, because it was made to come off. One mailbox we can't find entirely. I was planning on us making some, which would have been fun.

But then I saw these...

{Mailboxes found at JoAnn's; $3.99}

They are almost identical to the ones I found at Target, but a little bigger. (And the front part does not come off, which means they may last longer!) They also had larger ones, in pink, blue, green, and white. I just liked the smaller ones best, even though they only came in white.

It is easy to add names to little slips of paper or card stock and slip them into the label holders on the front.

This year we are waiting until the first of February to start using the mailboxes. And the kids know to check their mailboxes when coming home from the flag up?

One day it's a cute pair of V-day socks, or a little note. Sometimes~ okay, often~ it is a piece or two of candy.

I will be stocking up these next couple of weeks, and planning out each day!

{I can't wait!}

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share this with you! I hope you are all doing well! And tomorrow I will be showing you that craft. Really. ;)

Have a good night~



Pink Princess said...

LOVE this idea...if only we had those mailboxes lol. And they are not here so...but cute idea :)

AttemptingAloha said...

So cute! We've been hanging our little love notes to each other on my chicken wire Christmas card display (mostly because I'm too lazy to take it down still). lol!!

Mailboxes would make them more personal, though! So lovely.


Unknown said...

What a sweet idea, Jenni!

I have a little Christmas mailbox that I was going to repaint for Jaden's daily chore mail. Love this idea though...I'm sure he'd rather get some treats anyhow. Ha!

Erin said...

I love that idea Jenni! This is so adorable and my girls would love it!!

Allison said...

What a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! I saw the mailboxes at Target over the weekend! Might have to pick some up!

Amanda said...

sooooo cute. and i'm pretty sure our three year old would become obsessed with it, as he looooves the "elf on the shelf" at Chrstmas time. this would be similar to him. something to look forward to each day.

love it! thanks for sharing.

Robin Beck said...

Such a great idea! Love the bigger mailboxes, worth the couple extra dollars for sure!

Alot has been going on over here. I am babyless now. I have alot of extra time, but God has shown me he is answering my prayers so I am at peace.

Maybe now that things have settled down we can all meet.
Enjoy the sun tomorrow (and this weekend!) The husband and I are talking about getting away again. :)


Tina said...

Jenni, that is just the cutest idea! Wish we had a Joanne's here!! ~ Tina xx

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I so remember seeing these cuties! Thanks for coming to my PARTY!!!!


elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing :) i think this will be great for my 1st grader at school...

Amy Kinser said...

What a great idea. So sweet and memorable. I love ideas like that.

Blessings to you, Amy