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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potted shamrock and a new wooden caddy

Happy {almost} Friday to you, dear friends! I hope you are well! 

I was shopping this week and saw this sweet potted plant:

I have decided that I love shamrocks.

 And I am loving the way it looks with this little wooden caddy I found at a nearly shop. :)

 I must confess to giving St. Patrick's Day only a nod of acknowledgement in the past, mostly due to my not placing much weight on the whole idea of luck.

Do you believe in luck?

On my way out of the market with my potted shamrock, a woman passing me said, "And the luck o' the Irish be with you!"

It was quaint and kind, and I said, "To you, too!", to which she chuckled.

But it left me feeling like something wasn't quite right.

And I realized that it reminded me somewhat of what is said in church each Sunday:

"May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you", to which the people respond:
"And also with you."

To me, although I am sentimental and adore shamrocks and the festivity and fun of holidays, I prefer blessing to luck any day.

And I'm Irish. Yes, somewhere in the rather odd conglomeration of English, German, Danish, Native American, and French, there is also a wee bit of Irish in my ancestry! 

For some reason, I'm very proud of that. Not that I did anything to achieve it! ;)

So, is that why I felt compelled to buy this sweet plant?

 Not really. I just thought it was beautiful  It had to go in my cart!

I love the delicate white flowers in the dark green leaves.

So entirely spring, I think.

There is something about raw dark wood mixed with white.

Simple pleasures like potted spring plants make me smile...and remind me of a generous Giver who has blessed us so richly!

And lest you think I am a little bit of a naysayer, I am even doing a St. Patrick's Day post! {I am Irish, after all!}

But I still prefer the blessing:
"May the Lord bless and keep you. May He shine His face upon you and give you peace" to give to you in closing! 

Blessings, ;)


NanaDiana said...

Aww...the shamrock got you, I see! The Irish in you will "out" whether you like it or not. I grew up believing in maybe still do believe in them. There is just something magical in Irish communities..and we always kind of tied the Church right into it.

If you've not had a shamrock before keep it well watered and pick off all the spent blooms. Also, it will go through a die-down sort of period. The tubers (roots) are right on top of the soil. Just put a little top soil right over the roots you can see and keep watering and the plant just keeps on going.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and the Irish blessing you have here is the best one ever- xo Diana

Mrs. H said...

I have a shamrock named "Shammy" :) He lives in my kitchen...he's not blooming right now though. They are good plants, I have a tendency to kill plants and I've had him for almost 4 years!

Brandi said...

Your pictures are so pretty! I love your shamrock plants! Did you know you can plant them outside too? They were my mom's favorite plant. I have the green and purple plants in my house! They finally produced a flower after a year! LOL! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin Beck said...

I would have bought the plant too...But only because it's pretty. I have a bunch of irish in me AND my mom was born on St Pat's. However I do not believe in luck at all. I don't even believe in coincidences. I believe in confirmations from the Lord though. When people tell me good luck I always say back to them, "God bless!" Though I might start saying "May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you!" Funny, I just highlighted that in my bible last night? Coincidence? No, CONFIRMATION! :)

The shamrock is beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

Loved this post Jenni!
Shamrocks? How beautiful they are...and they do look great besdie that lovely wooden box. The whites compliment it too!
I'm with you on the "luck" thing.
Even when I've said, good luck, over the didn't sit right either. Its our Lords goodness all the way!
Love to you precious friend!

Deborah xoxoxoox

Lynne said...

Dear Jenni,

Your sweet Shamrock vignette is both beautiful and fresh.

I'll hold onto blessings before luck anytime!

Can you believe that it snowed on St Patrick's day morning? We were thinking about doing the dash in Seattle. I'm glad we changed our mind.

The weather is supposed to improve for our weekend. I hope to do a little gardening!

Sunny weekend wishes to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,
I just stumbled upon your blog and I just love it!!~ It is truly beautiful, and your photos are wonderful.
I am now your newest follower.
Hope you have a lovely evening.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Love this post...really do! Love shamrocks too but can not keep them alive,poor things! All the best,Chrissy