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Friday, May 18, 2012

White flowers for you...

A very happy Friday to each of you! So who's ready for the weekend?

In my opinion, it couldn't have come soon enough! Not to say that this week was a bad one, but sometimes you are just extra thankful when it's finally the weekend!
Now I said when I showed the flower craft for kids that I would be back with a different spin on it...


There are actually two variations to this craft that you can create...a large flower, and a miniature version.

I made them in white and grey, because those are two of my favorite colors!

 Of course I did not come up with the idea of using cupcake liners to make flowers, this is just my little take on it. :)

These flowers are made the same way as the other ones I made in the previous post...

But I will give a little run-down on making them here as well, so everything you need to know is right here! :)

These flowers are easy to make by folding the cupcake liners in fourths, and snipping them with the hole punch like this:


The smaller the cut out you make with the hole punch the better, because then you won't see the holes when your flower is completed!

Then you open the liners up and weave them, one by one, onto a pipe cleaner through one of the holes, beginning with the larger ones:

 ...and then adding the {two} smaller ones:

{If using the miniature cupcake liners for the small flowers, you just use six of that size.}

Next you add your bead {I chose little "pearl" beads for mine but any ol' beads will work!} ;)

Then all you have to do is pull the pipe cleaner down through the other holes on the cupcake liners and twist it around at the bottom.

And you have yourself a flower!

These will look sweet inside a little vase, or even in a little clay pot! :)

And this is the little "spin" I promised! I hope it is not too disappointing! 

I am linking this to the Weekend Wrap Up Party at Tatertots and Jello.

I also hope that you have a beautiful weekend! Thank you for stopping by! :)



Burlap Luxe said...

Oh jenni,
What a beautiful gifted surprize to see a comment from you, At that moment I was looking att your site and was going to laeve you a comment I was thrown off line and had to go back to you, it was then I saw a comment from you, now you see how beautiful life and god is to friends.

I am in awwww! of the flowers you make and what a great project. thank you for sharing all the beauty you do so well.

Thank you for making my day so blessed with your visit :)


Robin Beck said...

I think it's a beautiful spin on the kids craft!

Have a wonderful weekend...I'm with you, it couldn't have come fast enough this weekend!

Tiff said...

Oh Jenni, so lovely to hear from you! It is so nice when the weekend comes around, the promise to time to relax and get a few things done!
These flowers are adorable! They would be perfect For my craft club at school. I am always on the lookout for new ideas!
Happy week! X

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi gorgeous girlie,

Aren't these beautiful! A friend of mine showed one of my daughter's how to make something similar and she has them in a vase in her bedroom - I'm rather jealous!!!

I love your white and grey pairing - very swedish prairie, I'd say!!!


Anonymous said...

The flowers are darling, Jenni! I like your spin on the craft designed for kids. I've been making coffee filter flowers and have had so much fun doing so. Relaxing when watching the tele at night with the hubby.

Have a wonderful week!