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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little gift and a big project

So when I went out to feed the chickens yesterday morning I found a little gift...


Emphasis on little...Isn't it so cute?

I knew that a chicken's first eggs can be very small. And look at the difference between it and my store bought eggs! It made me smile. :)

But I am not sure which of our chickens laid the egg; this is still a mystery, although I have my suspicions! ;) 

But one thing I do know: we'd better keep on working on that henhouse, especially since I received two more eggs today! 

And what of that henhouse?

It is coming along, s-l-o-w-l-y but surely...

We still have some work left to do though...the inside walls {which will be plywood} and the vinyl floor {so much easier to clean I have heard!} and, of course, the windows and door...


We didn't realize quite how huge the front door would look and wish we would have done this a little differently and cut the door height down even more. But we are going to trim out a "triangle" of the top of the front of the house and put on scalloped shingles for visual interest...

David finished the nesting boxes yesterday, all but the siding and the vinyl on the bottom of the is it with the roof completed:

And the nesting box as seen from the inside of the coop:

The pitched roof will make clean-up easy, I think. I wanted to be able to stand up inside the coop!

Thanks to my parents coming out again this Saturday, we just might be able to finish it up this weekend! {Not including the painting of course, which is a whole other kettle of fish! And then, of course, David and I are onto the chicken run... 

And oh! Remember that other project I was doing this summer? The girls beach cottage bedroom? Well, it is almost done! What a lot of work this room was, but it is worth it to see it all coming together! 

{I will be back next time with a sneak peek of the white wood plank floors we installed in their room!}

I hope you have a beautiful Friday! :)

Much love,


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