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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sneak peek {Wide plank floors}

Hello dear friends! I hope you are well, and that you had the loveliest of weekends!

Now I made a promise, one to show you a bit of those wide plank floors I put down in the girls' room this summer!

This was a huge project, but hands down completely and thoroughly worth it! I want to put these floors down in the whole house now!

I saw this idea at Frugal Farmhouse Design a while back while doing a search on painted plywood floors.

Like her, we also used a penny as a spacer between boards.

Some of my boards ended up more or less than a penny space due to the boards not being perfectly straight. But somehow they ended up looking okay...


They clean up easily, and I love how the white makes the room so much brighter than it was!

I have the baseboard molding in now, but you can probably see that their walk in closet isn't quite finished! I also have the corner wall trim left and all of their furniture to paint! It is embarrassing how long this room has taken!

I've set the room aside for the next couple of weeks so I can really focus on the henhouse before the weather changes and it is too cold to paint! We should have our sweet chicks in their new home soon! I will be back soon with update photos of our progress, in case you'd like to see the little house! :)

Well, that is all for me for now! Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

Much love,



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey lovely,

I popped over to see you - but there's been not a peep since your last post - are you okay?

Are you planning your Swedish Prairie launch?!! I hope so.... ;-)


Cave Wilson said...

HI I am thinking of doing this. I love the look of your floor...the frugal farmhouse no longer has a website or at least not showing up in pins. What kind of paint did you looks like a gloss...also the paint color name? Thank you!

Unknown said...

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