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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The chandelier is up! {The Master Bath}

Hello friends!

Are you having a good week so far? I sure hope so! :)

It has been almost two weeks since I last know, I never actually plan "blog breaks"~ they just kind of happen! Life gets crazy and one day turns into a week, into two weeks...I keep saying I am going to be more consistent, but obviously have yet to make that goal!

But you remember how we finished the bead board ceiling in our master bath?

Well, two weekends ago, I put the chandelier together, and my husband and I installed it! Well actually, my husband did most of the installing. {Although I did hold it up while he screwed it in!} ;)

We deliberately left a little space between the ceiling and the chandelier for now, because I had been touching up around that area a couple of days before... (Not so bright, I know!) But we will let the ceiling fully cure before tightening the chandelier tight against the ceiling.

{The mirror will be on the empty wall behind chandelier.}

I did find a large vintage mirror that I like, and it was exactly the style I was looking for. It did need a little gluing on a couple of the corner joints, which David did for me. I will be painting it a bright white, and hopefully it will be done by this weekend! I will be sure to show you a picture when it's up, plus a "before" picture. :)

{Keeping it real here...note ugly old fan...}

We still have the ceiling fan to replace, and it will surely look better than it does now! I am almost positive that the fan there now must have been the original one installed when our house was built...forty-three years ago...It is SO loud!

{"Lights on" picture}

SO...the gray paint above the bead board is done. The bead board and chair rail has been primed and painted, as has the vanity cabinet. We still need to replace the fan, of course; and I need finish the caulking, sew a sink skirt~

{picture courtesy of Country Living}

make a curtain for the window, and replace the faucet. This is the one I am going to order:

{picture courtesy of}

{Do you have an opinion on which faucet handle is best? I am leaning toward the last one, but the solid lever one is nice, too...}

It is finally all coming together, and I am loving my bathroom for the first time ever! It really feels like a different room, and that is a very good thing! ;)

By the way, I wanted to say Happy Spring to you all! We made it! (And I really think the worst of winter is behind us now.) :)

And I will leave you with a gorgeous bathroom inspiration picture I recently found at Better Homes and Gardens:

I hope you have a wonderful night, and a great Thursday!

Blessings to you~



Ann said...

Love your chandy ♥
And thanks for sharing that lovely bathroom inspiration ♥

Tiff said...

I am in a SWOON over that chandelier! It is gorgeous! Those other bathrooms are just lovely.... good inspiration for my upcoming move into my new house in a few weeks! Happy Spring to you... Happy Autumn for us! X

Erin said...

Jenni, is it wrong to say that I am hugging your bathroom?lol I love that light and I am so excited to see what it all looks like!!!!! That light is gorgeous!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your chandy is so beautiful. The sparkly chandelier with the beadboard backdrop.......absolutely gorgeous!!!

Robin Beck said...

It is coming along beautifully Jenni!
We are changing our den to a craft room next week! Hopefully it will turn out as good as your projects do!
Hope you enjoyed the sun yesterday, looks like our spring rains have started!

About Southern Belle said...

The bathroom is looking about a beautiful transformation! I {adore} the last photo...that's so me. Also, I think I would choose from the solid lever {large photo shown} I've noticed mold and mildew always grows under plastic and porcelain and its near impossible to remove--yuck! So I'd say stick to the solid as it will look elegant much longer. That's just my two cents. = )

Mandy said...

Love that chandy!

Oh, and I really like the solid cross handles for the faucet! They look pretty and vintage!

michelle said...

Hi Jenni! I love your chandi, it is beautiful and I love the shadows and that it casts at night, beautiful!
Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous!

Jenni said...

Thanks to each of you for your sweet comments! You sure know how to make a girl feel encouraged and inspired! :) I so much appreciate your kind words and your opinions! :)


An Oasis in the Desert said...

Love the chandi, & the bead board ceiling is awesome.

Anonymous said...

The chandelier looks great! You are going to have a very pretty bathroom when you are finished!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni!

The chandelier is so pretty! I love the gray and the beadboard! You are going to have one gorgeous bathroom on your hands. Can you deal with the cuteness?!! I can't wait to see the room all finished. I bet it will be a great retreat in the end. I can see a tub full of bubbles and candles going.

Enjoy your week my friend!

Sky said...

So beautiful! Your so talented! ;)