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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am loving this color more than ever...

For years I had this gorgeous shade of blue with just a touch of lavender in our living room. Then I tried a grayish blue, which was also lovely.

{We'll skim over the two color mistakes of mustard yellow and bright green, and the very short-lived butter yellow...These did not work well in the living room.}

You see, I thought I was tired of blue.

But the funny thing is: I really wasn't.  In the end, I just replaced those particular blues with aquas in the rooms of my home...

And although I still gravitate toward the softer aqua hues, I must also admit a renewal of attraction to my favorite cottage blues...

There is just something so sweet and feminine about blue...

So simple and lovely...

And even the smallest touch of it makes me smile.


But I simply cannot leave aqua out of the equation...

And that is all right, because now I know that I don't have to!

Both are sweet colors, and both fit just fine in our little cottage...

I can have my cake, and eat it, too! ;) 
Now, why all this talk of blue exactly? I have blue on my mind, I guess.

More on just why next time! 

I hope you have a lovely, beautiful Friday, dear friends!

Much love,

Photo Credits:
   5. {Beautiful Nest}
6. {Beautiful Nest}


michelle said...

sigh....I love blue too. :) There are just so many pretty shades of it and so much to do with it. I can't wait to see what you are working on. :)

Seawashed said...

me too. Ever since entering the new year I have had blue on my mind and in my heart and it is flowing out of me into my painting and decorating.

Tiff said...

Those blues are so pretty Jenni! I love the aqua and the cottage blue as well. I don't think you can beat pale powder blue, grey and white together.... Lovely! Hope you are well and life is good. God bless dear friend. X

Lynne said...

Good morning, Jenni!
This post is so easy on the eyes.
Our main bath and guest room have a touches of blue. The bath that you featured in this post is most amazing.

I hope that you weathered the stormy weekend well, my dear friend!

Have a lovely week!