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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Plank Wall Photos

Hello lovely friends! I hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend!

We had a successful time of it last weekend working on the house, and were able to lay a new subfloor in our girls' room, not including the walk-in closet. {We did that yesterday.} No pretty pictures of this room...yet! Although I am liking even the new plywood floor a whole lot more than the carpet that was there! 

But I feel things are going much more quickly with this room, and I will be moving on to the beadboard ceiling on Tuesday! Yippee! I have been looking forward to covering up their popcorn ceiling for years! 

{I plan on doing a whole post of inspiration pictures showing just what is in store for this little room! And I also plan on showing before and after pictures of each phase of this room renovation...gulp!} This does not come easily for me, because I am such a perfectionist and would rather show the before pictures after! But isn't it always more fun to see those along-the-way progress pictures when someone is working on a big project?

But tonight I have some finished pictures for you. All I have really shown of the room is the faux fireplace, and so I thought I'd show you the plank wall I put up, and that side of the room. But first, please excuse the dimness of the pictures! We live in the land of perpetual rain, hence the grayness! I should have retaken these pictures later in the week, because we have had sun for a few days now! {gasp!}

Although when I say finished, I mean the renovation is now complete, and I can decorate now!

Just a little perspective:
The gray wall to the left in the above picture is the long wall where the faux fireplace is. On that wall is the doorway to the walk-in closet, which I have purposefully now shown yet! {It is awaiting a little makeover of its own!}

But oops! Do you see a glaring problem with this picture? You guessed it: a lack of handles on the dresser! Would you believe I actually declared myself finished with the room, having forgotten to paint the handles of that dresser? Oh dear...I will have those finished and where they belong lickety-split. Although this dresser is only temporary, until I find the dark walnut dresser I am looking for...

But you might be wondering why I haven't decorated yet...I had planned out and even purchased some things for this room along the way that simply didn't work when it all was said and done. I wanted a certain look and feel in the room...And weird as it sounds, you can't force inspiration. So I just had to be still and rethink things.

Now I have finally decided what to do about the bed linens, curtains, lamps, accessories~ the very feel of the room! Some of it will involve a visit to IKEA with my sister tomorrow, and some of it my sewing machine!

At first I had a gray comforter set that was very pretty, but didn't work. This quilt set isn't quite right either. The problem? I need to be brave and go for all white on this bed. I can mix in some off-whites, though, if that works.

I know, it is a lot of white in this room, without a lot of varying texture. But it won't stay that way. I like having a clean, blank canvas to work with, and it hasn't been altogether bad living the pared down style.
In fact, I have found I rather enjoyed it! So I will add textiles and textures and warmth without compromising the simplicity I love in this room.

In keeping with my new resolve to show things as I go along, I will be sure to show photos of decorating progress, promise! :)

I hope you each have a restful night, and a beautiful Monday! {And thank you for stopping by for a visit!}

Much love,



Deborah said...

Jenni the plank wall is beautiful!
Oh you have so many ideas and thats so wonderful!
I can't wait to see how you'll put everything together!
Such fun, isn't it?!
Enjoy your trip to Ikea with your sister!
Love to you dear xo

Deborah xoxoxo

NanaDiana said...

Jenni- I love the plank wall and the room is just so serene looking. Sometimes it is the lack of decorating in a room that conveys the real feel of it. It looks cool and serene to me. Love it- xo Diana

michelle said...

The wall is so beautiful Jenni!! You have done a brilliant job and your room is coming along perfectly! I can't wait to see how you start adding things, I know it will be beautiful!

Kate said...




Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

This is gorrrrgeous, Jenni! I love it!! All our bedding is white, apart from the quilt, and I LOVE it that way!! You can build up layers of loveliness...and it still looks so clean and crisp and yummy - go for it!!

And, one last thing, can I come and stay right now!!?


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Your room is beautiful!
I love the horizontal plank wall.
I cannot wait to see the next steps in your design process!
You are always filled with inspiration!

Mrs.B said...

It's already beautiful. I know it will be perfect when it's "decorated"!

Southern Belle said...

Your room is beautiful, the picture of tranquility. Well done.

Sandy said...

Hi Jenni! Oooooh this is sooooooo beautiful!! I love the plank wall, the chandy, the everything!! You did great girl!

hugggs, xoxo