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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{My new little corner in the living room}

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope it has been good! :)

This past weekend was a little busy here, but we did manage to squeeze a few hours of work in on the girls' room.

My husband made a new larger window sill for the girls, and put up some thick trim around the window to finish it off. We got 2/3 of the bead board up on the wall, too, and will  finish the rest of it this next weekend. I'm hoping we can start on the bead board ceiling then, too. We've got a lot ahead of us, but it is a start!

Now for the new little corner in my house...

Do you remember how my sister and I went to IKEA a couple of weeks ago? Oh, we had such a blast, shopping and laughing. One mission of mine was to find a plain white duvet and some curtains {I found the duvet} and the other was to come home with the armchair I'd been saving for:

{IKEA's Ektorp armchair}

 But when I got there, I changed my mind and bought the Ektorp "Jenny Lund" instead. It is a little smaller, and just fits the living room better.

It makes me happy every time I look at it.

I finally realized I was never going to get around to making a slipcover for the horrid arm chair we had, and so I donated it to a local thrift store. {Thank goodness they actually took it!}


I am so happy with my new "corner" of the room now! I brought in a little end table my husband made for me years ago and tucked it beside the couch. Although it needs a fresh coat of paint, I like it in its new spot. 

{A little candlelight and I'm as happy as a clam!}

Now this room has a cozy place to curl up  for someone needing a restful moment or two. Now I just need to find the right basket for a few quilts, to place beside the chair...

Well, I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday, and thank you so much for dropping by for a visit! :)



kate said...

je l'adore aussi ce fauteuil nous avons le même en gris...
bonne journée

Alaina said...

Isn't Ikea a wonderful place. I have the Ektorp chairs in the living room but I am thinking the Jenny Lund might be the solution for the basement. As these chairs as comfy as the others? I love the new look.

Seawashed said...

I love it! Ikea has a way of doing that to you...when you get home with your new (often white), crisp nordic goods you feel like your entire home has been renewed. I had wanted that Ektorp chair for so long too, but with two Ektorp sofas in our living room we opted for an Ikea leather chair instead. And I am so glad we did. Your living room is beautiful!

Amy Kinser said...

Your little corner is beautiful and cozy comfy looking. That chair is great.

I live too far from Ikea!! The closest one to me is about 3 1/2 hours away so that's not really a day trip. Maybe it's better for me, my wallet, and my husband that I am that far. :)

NanaDiana said...

Jenni- It looks great! Isn't it freeing to get rid of something that is hanging over your head waiting to be done? I took some pieces down to the thrift store not too long ago and am so glad I did. LOVE your new chair! xo Diana

michelle said...

What a sweet and pretty corner! SO happy that you got the chair, it looks so comfy. Enjoy sweet friend!

Ironstone and Pine said...

I love the IKEA white furniture.....and I love that it's affordable and good looking!! Yours looks great, what a cozy corner!!

Amber M. said...


sandy said...

Hi Jenni! I believe I have the same Ikea chair. Oh and what I love the best in these photo's are your lovely little candle in the mason jar with the greenery behind it. Just beautiful!

Your wood floors are amazing! I love how light they are.

Hope you're not working too hard this week-end. I decided to take the day off and do nothing. Tomorrow will be a different story.

huggs, xo

Mel said...

Great choice of a great chair. I think the Jenny Lund is so feminine.

Lynne said...

A perfect place! Everything you put your hand and mind to is so beautiful! I hope you were able to enjoy your new corner a bit this weekend!
I just LOVE Ikea!
It's like going treasure hunting.

Erin said...

Beautiful Jenni! I love the coziness of your white, I think it says alot about the homeowner;) I too love blues, and I really need to send you a pic of my teal(aqua) crochet blanket my mil made me recently. Brooke's room is aqua, and it is a color I keep on hand(cause I always want something that color around me), so I feel ya! Your home is always like breathing in freshness, ahh!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Looks so cozy and pretty!! :)

Deborah said...

Jenni I love your chair!!
You must love sitting there!
I cant wait for our Ikea chairs and sectional (but in the late summer or early fall we'll go get them)
Love the whites, and your cozy corner!

Deborah xoxo

Unknown said...

Very pretty! The little table looks great there too. We have white slips in our family room and I love the simple look but we have to keep a sheet on the couch because of our chocolate lab.

Gerry Bossier said...

“But when I got there, I changed my mind and bought the Ektorp instead.” – Well, that’s a lady’s prerogative! :-) And when it comes to buying gorgeous pieces at home, you have the right to have a change of heart and choose one that suits your space. And I must say that your pick is a gorgeous one!