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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raspberries {part two}

How to make homemade freezer jam. 
 A {simple} guide

Throughly rinse raspberries and crush. {You can use a potato masher}

The recipe I used to make the raspberry freezer jam was inside this box of Sure Jell premium fruit pectin. {Next time I purchase pectin I plan to get the less-sugar option}.

One of my many small children wanted to help me make the jam.  My son listened carefully to my many instructions {one of which was to make sure the bowl of raspberries didn't fall onto Grandma's very clean kitchen floor}.  I am proud to say he did a wonderful job, both listening and stirring the bowl of raspberries.  We had a great time! 

What you will need: 
3 cups crushed berries {some of the berries were left whole because I love jam that has a little life in it}.
5 1/4 cups sugar {be sure to measure out in separate bowl to ensure accuracy}.
Set timer for 10 minutes.  {Mix occasionally.}

Take box of pectin + 3/4 cup water and place in a sauce pan.
Place on stove until mixture comes to a boil.  Stir for one minute.
Pour into raspberry/sugar mixture.
Set timer for 3 minutes.  {Mix continuously until raspberry mixture is soft and smooth with no sugar granules in it.}

This recipe made 2 quarts of raspberry jam.
Once freezer jam has been poured into containers, it must rest at room temperature for 24 hours.
{Do NOT refrigerate or freeze for 24 hours.}
After 24 hours at room temperature {I left mine on the kitchen counter} you have the option of either placing in the refrigerator for three weeks or freezing for six months.


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Sharon said...

Hello ladies, I look forward to your upcoming posts :) Thanks for the recipe for Raspberry Freezer Jam. I thought one needed a special freezer jam pectin, it's good to know that regular pectin will work. It looks yummy!

Have a blessed day!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the recipe. I love jam and this sounds like something I could do. Thanks for sharing...


Anonymous said...

Wow... that sounds very easy! I love jam!

Haley said...

Wow! Freezer jam does seem way easier than canning. I wish I thought to try freezer jam before jumping into canning, but I've had so much fun learning my new hobby. :)

Robin Beck said...

It looks amazing! I could almost smell it though my computer!

Have a great week!