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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Fun Craft for Kids {Reindeer Ornament}

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! :)

Earlier today I promised you two kid's crafts. However, as both were reindeer ornaments, I decided to narrow it down to my favorite of the two. Since children are home from school this week before Christmas, they may be looking for something to do. And if they are anything like mine, there are few things they like more than making crafts! :) This craft would be suitable for school age children, and probably even preschool age, especially if you simplified it.

Children's Reindeer Ornament

{What you'll need}

Thick craft sticks (3)

Craft eyes

Red pom pom (1)~ the ones I bought were "spiky", and wouldn't stick with the school glue. Regular soft pom poms should.

Green felt (1 piece)

Brown pipe cleaners (2)

Small silver bells (2)

Small red buttons (2)

School glue

Fabric scissors and craft scissors

Glue gun/ glue sticks~ for older children and to have on hand for things that won't adhere as well with school glue.

Take three craft sticks and form them into a triangle, like this:

The triangle should face you like this, with the straight side on top. Take the two pipe cleaners and decide how long you want them to be as antlers.

Then slip a bell onto the first pipe cleaner (antler), up about 2 inches or so.

Wrap it around one of the straight sides of the triangle, with the bell on front.

Now just twist the bottom of the pipe cleaner around until it is secure and blends in with the rest of the pipe cleaner.

Form your "antler" how you like, then repeat this with the other side.

Taking your green felt, cut out (2) one inch leaf shapes:

And glue them onto your reindeer by the antlers:

Do this on both sides, then add a red button to the bottom of each leaf-shaped "ear". *The buttons might have to be done with the glue gun. Now glue the eyes and red pom pom nose on, and you should have this:

(The craft eyes I had on hand were just a little too small, so I added a silver sequin above each eye to make the eyes appear larger. I think it makes it look like a girl reindeer, perhaps Rudolph's little friend, Clarice.)

And here is your reindeer:

To attach a tie to it, I made a loop and knotted it at the bottom, gluing the knot to the back of the ornament.

And there you have it~ a fun little ornament children can make and then hang up on the tree! My kids will be making these this week as some of their Christmas gifts. :)

Well, that is all for me tonight! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a blessed night~



Anonymous said...

Very cute! I know my younger two would have a lot of fun making these. They have been looking for something to do, today. Maybe a trip to Michael's is in order!

Hope your day is good!

nancy huggins said...

So simple and soooo cute..Thank you for sharing..they would even be cute to tie on packages :)

Tiff said...

How sweet! The kids will love doing these! We might attach them to Nanna's gifts like a tag, she'll love it! Thanks for the idea! X

Burlap Luxe said...

I just love child art, and holiday art is the best :)

so sweet and endearing.

Merry Christmas