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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemaking 101: Mending

So a month or so ago, I realized I needed to catch up on some mending, which included a lot of pajamas!

Now some might have thrown these cute pajamas away, but being the thrifty mama that I am, I decided to take out my sewing machine to see if some mending would prolong the life of the clothing and I am so glad I did.  {Yes, I know that mending clothes generally includes needle and thread and not a sewing machine, but what I needed to sew could be easily sewn with my sewing machine so I decided that was a better easier route to take.  Not only is my youngest now able to wear these pajamas, but I didn't have to purchase new ones.  I like.

If its one thing I've realized as a mama of four Lil' Superheroes, its that my sons' clothes wear out quickly and it's generally because the clothes get holes in them.  I didn't want to throw these pants/jeans out, so my husband purchased some patches, and I ironed knee patches on.  I wasn't sure if the patch was supposed to go on top of the pants/jeans or on the inside, and the directions didn't say which was better, so I decided to place the patch on top.

The whole process was really simple {my favorite} and within a few minutes my kids had some pants/jeans perfect for playing in.

So here were just a couple ways I was able to be frugal and extend the life of some clothes.  Was that simple or what?  Now, I am just curious.  Is the patch supposed to be ironed on the top or inside of the clothing and does it even matter?  

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Erin said...

They look cute on the outside, you could monogram them!

Robin Beck said...

I always heard you iron them on the outside! They look cute!


Amanda said...

I think they're supposed to go on the outside, but I always put them on the inside, just as the pants are beginning to fray in the knee - that way you can't see the patch. I also cut little pieces of patches & iron them on the inside corners where the back pockets want to pull loose on grown-up jeans. I have one pair of (super comfy!) jeans that I've held on to well past a reasonable life expectancy by gluing them together on the inside w/iron on patches!

Anonymous said...

We are very frugal in the same way. If it can be fixed by sewing we do! No use in throwing a perfectly good piece of clothing away. I don't tell many this but my husband can hand sew like no one I have ever seen!

Julie H said...

I think my mom always sewed them on the inside and then sews around the edges of the patches to help them stay on better.