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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raspberry Jam

 Like most things, it took me, {Belle} much longer than expected to post my first attempt at canning raspberry jam last summer, but at long last here you go!

First my sons and I picked the raspberries.  

Quite honestly, this was my favorite part of the process.

It was such a rewarding experience and the kids learned a lot about raspberries.

Just look at all those raspberries. {I am so looking forward to spring!}

After the berries were picked, it was time to prepare the jam.  So I took the directions out of the box of Sure Jell and my Mom and I set out to the task ahead of us.  

While I prepared the raspberries, my Mom boiled the jars and lids.  

After I squished the berries, I used a sieve to remove a good portion of the seeds.

While I was on raspberry seed removal duty, my Mom was boiling the lids.

It was at this point everything went wrong.  Why you ask?  Well, that would be because I realized one millisecond to late that I had been reading the freezer jam directions instead of the canning ones. During the whole process, I had kept commenting to my Mom how canning was practically the same as making freezer jam.   Of course, the directions appeared similar, they were the same ones I had used the week or so before to make freezer jam.  It was one of those "a ha!" moments.  

However, everything was not a loss.  The jam did turn out, surprise, surprise, and here is a picture of the finished project.

So now you know.  Canning is simple, really simple.  Just follow the right directions.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day with your boys. Mine would love it! Rasberry jam is the best! I like how easy you made it look. I've never canned anything but I'd love to try! Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

We picked raspberries at the end of summer last year, at a farm in the plains. It was fun!

I can't wait to start canning. I don't have all the supplies yet though.

Robin Beck said...

Hey Belle,
I don't know why, but canning has always scared me just a little bit. Maybe it was my mom telling me not to eat someone's home made canned green beans at the church potluck!
But you do make it look simple!

The finished product is beautiful!
Happy New Year~

michelle said...

Looks really good! I love fresh jam! My MIL cans strawberry jam every summer and freezes them until now, it is so good to taste in the middle of winter! said...

What a fun day for you and your boys. Looks like it was a success after all. I'm inspired to make some now :)

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss summer! I would love to try canning one day. Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

I think I need to slow down and take time to make some jam...and learn to can. Just stopping in to wish you both a very happy 2011. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, Jenni!


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We have raspberries in our garden. I send the children out with some buttered bread and they're allowed to pick fruit to make a 'garden sandwich' in the summer!

I love making jam. I always make way too much though!! I get too enthusiastic and end up hating it by the end of the batch!