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Friday, January 20, 2012

Faux Fireplace in the Master Bedroom

Hello dears! And Happy Weekend to you! I hope this Friday finds you doing well! :)

Do you remember the faux fireplace my husband built for me in our master bedroom? 

Well, I finished all the little details {trim, moulding, caulk...} and decorated it, so now I can finally show it to you!

This project was inspired by The Twice Remembered Cottage, who also built their own faux fireplace. Have you seen her kitchen fireplace? It is AMAZING! You can see hers here. I am having trouble finding the link directly to the tutorial she gave, but will update this when I find it! But oh! Her home is wondrously beautiful, and she is such a lovely person to boot! So if you haven't been by for a visit before, you are in for a sure treat!

Now, I loved the look of hers, so we designed ours with a very similar look, though the way we put it together and attached it to the wall was different.

Here is our finished result:

And here is an ugly "before" picture of our fireplace wall.

In fact, I forgot just how ugly it was before. Ugh. At least this is behind us now! ;) 

For the mantel, we found one at Home Depot for around $80, and used the kit that came with it to attach it to the wall.


Once the mantel was up, my husband began building the surround.

Now, we opted to screw the fireplace to the wall, so that it could be removed should we ever move...We have this dream of moving to the country, so you never know. ;)

 {top view}

My husband made what are essentially three sided "legs" for the sides of the fireplace 
 and attached a the header base to it {ideas borrowed from Twice Remembered} and then added the bottom part of the base header. 

{Detail: The sides of the legs we built go from top to bottom and the base header stretches from one side of the fireplace to the other.}

{back view} 

 {front view}

Our biggest dilemma: we had still not decided what to do about flooring. So we added moulding at the bottom of the fireplace to cover the extra space we left at the bottom to remove the carpet and add new flooring.

I must admit, I would have preferred more dainty trim at the bottom, because the trim I chose gave it a more modern look that I wanted. But it is growing on me!

 Once the fireplace surround was built, we set about attaching it the wall.

The fireplace "legs" screw onto these small blocks that my husband attached to the wall. 

The fireplace hooks onto these little blocks under the mantel {one on each side} which keep it in place.


Then after we attached it to the wall, I nailed my decorative top "header" and "legs" {for lack of better words} to the fireplace base. After adding the base moulding, it was completed. :) Then came primer and paint, caulk and spackling... 

The grey I used to paint the room is the same color I painted our master bathroom, a color borrowed from Jami at Freckled Laundry. You can find the formula for this paint color that she came up with here over at her blog. I truly love this color. It is what I would call a complex color. It is grey, but it has a touch of a blue hue to it, especially when the sun shines on it. Sometimes I even swear I see a hint of lavender. LOVE it, and it fits right at home in this room.

Just some more pictures:

{just to give you a better look of the "plank" floor, in case you'd like to see it.}

{a better view of the room, but please, oh please, ignore the boring door that is soon to be replaced!} 

I cannot tell you just how good it felt to decorate this mantel after nearly 10 months of working on this room! Let me tell you, I am really ready to move on to a different part of the house! ;)

{I am linking this to The Weekend Wrap Up Party at Tatertots and Jello and Saturday Nite Special at Funky Junk Interiors.}

{I hope to show more of this room this week, and very, very soon show whole room photos!}

And as always, thank you so much for coming by and visiting! I hope you have a very lovely weekend! :)



Dani said...

This is so beautiful! It adds so much class and personality to your room!

Deborah said...

Hi Jenni!
Your mantel is beautiful!
Oh you must be so thrilled...what a great addition to your bedroom!
So kind of your hubby to make it for you.
Love your white planked floors too!
Your bedroom door looks like some of the our doors that were in ours when we got it...I have a few more of them in ours to replace too.
Little by little though...we get things done.
Blessings on your weekend friend xo

Deborah xoxoxoxo

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing, how inviting & delicious. Just found your pretty blog, loving it!! Have a gorgeous weekend, love Posie

Pieced Pastimes said...

All your hard work paid off. The mantel turned out lovely!

Tina said...

WOW, Jenni!! Your fireplace looks stunning!! I just love how you can feel your excitement when you read this should be excited and happy!! What a fantastic job, I love it!! Enjoy your gorgeous new bedroom fireplace and lucky you to have such a handy husband! ~ x

Erin said...

Jenni!!!! That is gorgeous and YOU know I was gawking at that floor and ceiling too, trying to get a really good look!!!! I love your fireplace, and with the floor and ceiling, ah swoon!!!! GORGEOUS! I love what you have done and I SO love the steps you gave...I am feeling like I could do it! Hmm, maybe I need a faux fireplace??? :D

Loved your snow pics too, we have cool ice today. Not much, but it makes everything look glassy(not thick, just a sheen)..I'd rather have snow, much more fun:)

Great work Lady!!

Lynne said...

Oh Jenni!
You and your husband did such a wonderful job! Your faux fireplace is amazing! You have styled your new feature and your bedroom beautifully!

It looks like we had some melting overnight. I have cabin fever. I haven't been out of the house for three days!

Have a wonderful weekend!

NanaDiana said...

Jenni- You and hubby did a beautiful job! It adds so much to the room. It just gives you a wonderful focal feature. Perfect- xo Diana

Sarah said...

It looks lovely! I am so jealous, I wish I had a fireplace!

Sharon said...

How beautiful Jenni! You and your honey did a wonderful job. It adds tranquility and coziness to your haven :)

Have a blessed weekend!

michelle said...

Oh Jenni it is just GORGEOUS! Your room is GORGEOUS!! I love the floors. What a wonderful place to hide away at night with the candle light from you mantel.

Amy Kinser said...

Such a beautiful mantel, Jenni. You and your husband did a wonderful job. And, that floor is gorgeous.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Beautiful mantle, beautiful floor, everything looks so serene I love it!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh wow....I love it!! I really love how simple you kept your vignette..I never know when to stop,yours is perfect!! Chrissy

Amy S. said...

Looks great, Jenni! It doesn't even look like the same room! :)

About Southern Belle said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!

Shabby soul said...

Beautiful!! Surely I will copy it in my new home one day... =)