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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The chandelier is up! {The Master Bath}

Hello friends!

Are you having a good week so far? I sure hope so! :)

It has been almost two weeks since I last know, I never actually plan "blog breaks"~ they just kind of happen! Life gets crazy and one day turns into a week, into two weeks...I keep saying I am going to be more consistent, but obviously have yet to make that goal!

But you remember how we finished the bead board ceiling in our master bath?

Well, two weekends ago, I put the chandelier together, and my husband and I installed it! Well actually, my husband did most of the installing. {Although I did hold it up while he screwed it in!} ;)

We deliberately left a little space between the ceiling and the chandelier for now, because I had been touching up around that area a couple of days before... (Not so bright, I know!) But we will let the ceiling fully cure before tightening the chandelier tight against the ceiling.

{The mirror will be on the empty wall behind chandelier.}

I did find a large vintage mirror that I like, and it was exactly the style I was looking for. It did need a little gluing on a couple of the corner joints, which David did for me. I will be painting it a bright white, and hopefully it will be done by this weekend! I will be sure to show you a picture when it's up, plus a "before" picture. :)

{Keeping it real here...note ugly old fan...}

We still have the ceiling fan to replace, and it will surely look better than it does now! I am almost positive that the fan there now must have been the original one installed when our house was built...forty-three years ago...It is SO loud!

{"Lights on" picture}

SO...the gray paint above the bead board is done. The bead board and chair rail has been primed and painted, as has the vanity cabinet. We still need to replace the fan, of course; and I need finish the caulking, sew a sink skirt~

{picture courtesy of Country Living}

make a curtain for the window, and replace the faucet. This is the one I am going to order:

{picture courtesy of}

{Do you have an opinion on which faucet handle is best? I am leaning toward the last one, but the solid lever one is nice, too...}

It is finally all coming together, and I am loving my bathroom for the first time ever! It really feels like a different room, and that is a very good thing! ;)

By the way, I wanted to say Happy Spring to you all! We made it! (And I really think the worst of winter is behind us now.) :)

And I will leave you with a gorgeous bathroom inspiration picture I recently found at Better Homes and Gardens:

I hope you have a wonderful night, and a great Thursday!

Blessings to you~


Something New

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but I have a good excuse.  I was un-inspired, until yesterday, when I discovered an interesting and very large wreath for free.  Though this wreath doesn't exactly fit my style the way it is, with a little love I think it will fit in perfectly.

No pictures to show you yet.  Well, I have pictures, but I don't want to ruin the before and after experiance for you all.  So until the wreath's grand debut you'll need a little patience.

So how about you?  Have you recently become inspired to begin a project, craft or decoration?  If so, what is it?


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak peek~ The bead board ceiling and other plans

Hello you all! I hope this week has been going well for you! I think we really might be getting past all of this sickness over here, ever so S-L-O-W-L-Y! Thank you for your sweet and reassuring comments regarding my last post! I truly appreciated each one. :)

Well now, I promised you a little preview of the bead board ceiling in our master bathroom. I have a couple of spots to touch up, but it is pretty much a done deal!

We still need to replace the ugly, old fan and this will include a fan cover of course, and see that funny light hanging down there?

Well, I finally found something to replace it:

{Chrome and Crystal Chandelier~}

It was love at first sight! Something about the combination of chrome and crystal, of simplicity and elegance...It finally came this morning, and I can't wait to install it {with my husband's help, of course!} ;) That bare bulb I have right now is blinding on the eyes, but it's either that or nothing until this weekend. It is hanging like that so I can paint around it. :)

I am really glad to have found a chandelier short enough that my husband will not bump his head on it every time he walks into the room!

This little room practically demanded a mini chandelier...However, I decided I loved my husband so much, I would give my chandelier dream up, just for him. {wink}

How nice to find a light fixture that both of us can live with! At only 15 inches in height, and 11 in width, this sweetie fit the bill just perfectly! :)

Other plans for this bathroom include:

A sink skirt for the vanity cabinet,

a sweet window valance,

a new faucet,

and a large vintage mirror hung over the sink and toilet, versus the two small cabinets hung side by side.

{"Before" picture}

The one above the sink was our medicine cabinet/mirror, and there was another little matching cabinet that hung beside it for hand towels/wash cloths.

Imagine two people attempting to use this mirror at the same time.

It is a really good thing we like each other! ;)

And about that light pink color on the walls...uh, don't ask! Let me just say, it was a painting disaster from a few years ago!

This is a very, very small bath~ quite typical of 1960's ramblers built in this area. The shower is to the left of the sink, the window to the right, and the door is where I took the picture! :) But this is the only master bath we have, and I am determined to make it a pleasant space to be!

It is a little hard to reveal this {ugly} "before" picture before I have the"after" picture, but I want to show the process of this as I go along...And even in this before shot, this room is SO much better than it was when we moved here! The bathrooms were beyond anything I'd ever seen before, and not in a good way...This one had the yellow sink and toilet, but it also had soot from the baseboard heater and the entire bathroom was a terrible mixture of mold and, well, urine... There is really no other way to say it gracefully...But I will also say we removed and replaced everything except the shower. {Which is not yellow.}

SO...that is a little preview of the master bath renovation...

How is your week going? I hope it has been a wonderful one for you all! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a beautiful Friday! :)

Blessings to you~


Monday, March 7, 2011

An apology and a bathroom update

Hi friends! How have you been doing lately?

I am sorry that I have been so MIA lately around these parts!

We've had sickness running in the family...yes, again...My husband has been really sick with a terrible cold, sick like he only gets once in a blue moon. We thought he was getting a little better, but by Friday night he felt awful again, poor guy! :(

So things are crazy around here! BUT, hopefully it will be getting better, and maybe we will be done with the whole sickness thing after this??? (I pray.)

Now... I did catch some time to work on the master bathroom this weekend, and am making progress! I have pretty much finished the ceiling, and am almost done with the paint on the top of the wall above the chair rail/bead board. I still have to finish painting the chair rail and bead board with a bright white paint.

I will try and have a sneak peek of the ceiling for you tomorrow~ crossing my fingers! ;) I am loving the gray color I put on the top; it makes me so happy, and it is going to go so well with the accent color I am using in both in the bathroom as well as our master bedroom...more on this soon!

And because I cannot leave you without a picture or two, here are two of my favorites I saw while visiting Martha Stewart's website...

Aren't daffodils one of the sweetest flowers of spring?

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! And I will be by to visit you all soon, I promise! :)

Have a blessed night~


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Less Than Perfect Day of Bliss

Some days I feel like super-woman.  I am a super-wife and super-super-mom.  My day passes with ease.  Life is a breeze.   Some days I feel like my feet weigh a hundred pounds.  I can't seem to move them, even though I have a million things to do. 

Some days I take great pride in my ability to keep all the socks matched and neatly placed in their containers.  Some days I couldn't care less if they poke out of the dresser for the duration.

Some days my freshly laundered clothes go directly from the clothes dryer to the dresser, shelves or closet.  Some days I just throw the baskets of clean laundry on the floor and hope it will all magically find its way where its supposed to go.

Some days teaching my child to read is a really, truly easy.  Some days I feel they had to be kidding when they titled this book.  Thankfully tomorrow is another day, a new beginning and prayerfully not another "less than perfect day of bliss".


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oooo and Aaahhh

Today's post is all about what shades of color bring a smile to your face, make you want to go purchase a can of paint or take a car drive to the fabric store.

What colors make you go Oooo and Aaahhh?

When it comes to decorating, the first color I like to incorporate are are shades of white. I first and foremost, desire my home to be tranquil and inviting. The furniture in my house is all made of neutral colors, if not white, then shades of khaki. {Though I admit, I plan to add some cottage blue paint to the mix soon.}

I prefer to add splashes of color here and there. One said splash of color that I fancy, is this green below. I {adore} green. From celadon to lime to mint to the shade you often see on hydrangeas--green spells life to me!

See the soft shade of white on this pitcher, now vase?

And the glossy paint on these bookends?

There is just something about the simplicity and elegance of these items that caught my eye. I enjoy blending vibrant colors with them. The contrast between the two is truly stunning!

I also {adore} soft shades of orange. A little here and there goes a long way toward adding zest to a room don't you think? Imagine a sunset without all the shades of orange. I just can't imagine it. I can't imagine my home without a sprinkle of orange either.

Seen above is that same bouquet of roses, now dried, next to this vintage green glass bell. When I saw this bell at a thrift store, I knew it was love. I gave it a new home, now I just need to give it a "bell" as it didn't come with one.

I am also a fan of these fancy outdoor lights that you're supposed to string along your porch, only I've never had a porch so I place them above my windows. {Was that a run-on sentence?}

These twiggy light accents can also double as table decor if placed in a pretty bowl.

So now that you know I love accent lights, it probably wouldn't surprise you if I said I keep these Christmas lights up year round, above the window in the master bedroom would it? I love the added romance they bring to the room. Bright lights are not my friend, soft lights, however, they twinkle and sparkle. They add that bit of tranquility that I mentioned I love so much.

These artificial green plants rest in matching white containers above my kitchen cabinet. They filled an empty space and brought it to life.

Yes, more lights. You're not surprised are you? I got these at a thrift store not that long ago. {Yes, thrift stores have become a dear friend of mine.}

I guess you could say these lights are as cute as a bug over a window.

One of my many small children painted this zebra. Cute isn't it? I plan to frame it. I can't think of anything I'd love to see more upon the walls of our home than our children's artwork. All I have to do is re-paint the frames and I'll be able to place these priceless paintings on the wall. I'll be sure to share a post of this project once finished.

Its probably obvious that when it comes to seasonal colors I am more of Autumn/Winter gal.
It might be Spring, but these sunflowers are staying right were they are!

I must say, for a close up of the glass bead string around the twiggy wreath, the beads sure are difficult to see! These beads are great for reflecting light.

This photo book was a Christmas gift I received this year. I {adore} the dark shade of brown and aqua and plan to use this book as a reference to remember these colors. Not only does this book remind me of these colors, but fabrics as well. Hmmm the possibilities.

So there you have it. What makes me go Oooo and Aaahhh.
How about you? What items do you have around the house that inspire you?
Do tell!