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Sunday, November 20, 2011

For love of wide plank floors...

Hello dear friends!

I hope your November is going well! I say this because it has been three weeks since I have blogged, and so I haven't wished you a happy November to you yet! :)

I have been working on the master bedroom...still...
It is going very well, and I am loving how it is turning out! 

And just when you thought, "Well, how about that, she just may finish this room and show us pictures", I am afraid I have a confession...

I ripped out the carpet this past Monday! It gave me such a wonderful sense of satisfaction to do so, too! 

My husband and I finally came to a compromise on flooring for our room~ a wood plank floor for me, with a large rug on top of it for him!

The only problem? Well, this brings us to yet another installment of "What were they thinking?"

Can anyone tell me why {oh why} did people think that particle board was a good alternative to plywood for a subfloor? I know it can be a way to cut costs down, but that is just the thing: particle board is cheap! Furthermore, you cannot lay a hardwood floor on a particle board subfloor...

So on Friday I started laying down a new subfloor {by myself, while my husband was at work} and finished about half of it. Then we cut the other 4 x 8' sheets to size when he got home. 

The subfloor is officially in, and it looks so much better than the old carpet or the particle board!

So now I am dreaming of gorgeous wood floors...

Wide planks~ painted white, of course!

Our floor planks will be 8 foot long and 8 inches wide...

But all of that said, I must admit I do find the wide planks beautiful stained as well,

I think I will be giving this particular look to our son's room...

I think the darker floor boards work so well in a boy's room.

{Country Living}

Both looks are lovely, but there is just something about those white floors. And they are the right choice for our room, I think. :)

I have started our floors and will be working on them this week! I know it will take a bit of time, though, because I will be creating this wide plank look in an, let's say, unusual way.
I will be sharing more on this soon! ;)

SO...Do you like wide planked floors? If so, which is your favorite floor finish? 

Well, I hope you have a good night and a beautiful Monday! I am looking forward to visiting you all! {I am so sorry I have been out of the loop for a while now!}


{All photos courtesy of Beach Studios unless otherwise stated.}