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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A bit of spring and summer...

 On this chilly winter's night, I am thinking of spring. No, I am longing for spring! And for the countless beautiful colors that come with spring, as well as with summer!

I am quite partial to decorating with neutrals, but especially in the winter, I need a pop of color in my little cottage!

They remind me that my favorite seasons are just around the corner...

 A fresh bouquet of ranunculus bring thoughts of long afternoons spent puttering in the garden...

I like a touch of red in my kitchen...


It helps to cheer the room. :)

Red strawberries make me think of sunshine and lazy summer days...

And one red rose inside an aqua jar reminds me of Fourth of July, another lovely thought.

The aqua glass jars lend a little sparkle to a cupboard...


Soon it will be spring. The robin will visit my backyard again, just as it does every year.


Tiny buds on the trees outside will blossom...

and the flowers in my garden will return. It won't be long now...

I can almost feel the warm sunshine on my face...Are you ready for spring?

I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you for stopping by and dreaming of spring with me! :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{My new little corner in the living room}

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I hope it has been good! :)

This past weekend was a little busy here, but we did manage to squeeze a few hours of work in on the girls' room.

My husband made a new larger window sill for the girls, and put up some thick trim around the window to finish it off. We got 2/3 of the bead board up on the wall, too, and will  finish the rest of it this next weekend. I'm hoping we can start on the bead board ceiling then, too. We've got a lot ahead of us, but it is a start!

Now for the new little corner in my house...

Do you remember how my sister and I went to IKEA a couple of weeks ago? Oh, we had such a blast, shopping and laughing. One mission of mine was to find a plain white duvet and some curtains {I found the duvet} and the other was to come home with the armchair I'd been saving for:

{IKEA's Ektorp armchair}

 But when I got there, I changed my mind and bought the Ektorp "Jenny Lund" instead. It is a little smaller, and just fits the living room better.

It makes me happy every time I look at it.

I finally realized I was never going to get around to making a slipcover for the horrid arm chair we had, and so I donated it to a local thrift store. {Thank goodness they actually took it!}


I am so happy with my new "corner" of the room now! I brought in a little end table my husband made for me years ago and tucked it beside the couch. Although it needs a fresh coat of paint, I like it in its new spot. 

{A little candlelight and I'm as happy as a clam!}

Now this room has a cozy place to curl up  for someone needing a restful moment or two. Now I just need to find the right basket for a few quilts, to place beside the chair...

Well, I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday, and thank you so much for dropping by for a visit! :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am loving this color more than ever...

For years I had this gorgeous shade of blue with just a touch of lavender in our living room. Then I tried a grayish blue, which was also lovely.

{We'll skim over the two color mistakes of mustard yellow and bright green, and the very short-lived butter yellow...These did not work well in the living room.}

You see, I thought I was tired of blue.

But the funny thing is: I really wasn't.  In the end, I just replaced those particular blues with aquas in the rooms of my home...

And although I still gravitate toward the softer aqua hues, I must also admit a renewal of attraction to my favorite cottage blues...

There is just something so sweet and feminine about blue...

So simple and lovely...

And even the smallest touch of it makes me smile.


But I simply cannot leave aqua out of the equation...

And that is all right, because now I know that I don't have to!

Both are sweet colors, and both fit just fine in our little cottage...

I can have my cake, and eat it, too! ;) 
Now, why all this talk of blue exactly? I have blue on my mind, I guess.

More on just why next time! 

I hope you have a lovely, beautiful Friday, dear friends!

Much love,

Photo Credits:
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are each doing well, and that your week is off to a lovely start!

Now on this particular day, I thought it might be rather fun to come up with a list of ten absolutely romantic movies.
I must confess, the first movie that came to mind was Sleepless In Seattle.

I know, it is a predictable choice! But it deserves to be, don't you think? ;) It's such an endearing movie, and who can resist Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together?

Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen   is a close second with its enactment of Jane Austen's novel. {Perfection!}

One movie that is a decided favorite of mine is Fireproof.

This is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen, yet the premise is quite different from the typical love story. Set five years after the couple marries, this movie shows how a complete change of heart through faith in God can redeem a failing marriage.

Roman Holiday is another perfect choice. It is both lighthearted and fun, but not without a bittersweet ending.

A movie that is not only family friendly, but also truly fun for the whole family, is Disney's Tangled.

{I found it romantic and thoroughly entertaining!}

And how could I not mention The Notebook?

Oh, how this one tugs at the heart strings! {And he transforms an entire old house simply for love of her!}

A romantic comedy my husband and I stumbled upon recently is The Importance of Being Earnest, with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. It is one of the most hilarious movies ever!

Love Comes Softly  is such a sweet and romantic film! Be sure to bring out the tissue for this one.

Number nine on my list is Much Ado About Nothing.

Although a romantic comedy in its own right, it has a definite element of plot and intrigue.

And last, but not least, is  Sense and Sensibility.


Another wonderful movie based on a Jane Austen novel, and so well done!

So, do any of you like to watch a fun movie with your sweetheart or family for Valentine's? 

What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?

{Whatever you have planned for this special day, I hope it is a beautiful one for you!}

Much love,