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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The wonders of spray paint

{Hello lovely friends!}

I hope you have had a beautiful week so far!

This past weekend, it finally felt like~ dare I say it?~ summer! Clear blue skies and temps in the 70's, it was good for the soul after all the dreary rain and cold we have had here!

Now summer means warmer weather and that means...spray painting season, of course! So I have been spray painting up a storm. :)

I happened upon this lamp shade at a small garage sale on the way home from my errands on Friday...

Only the lamp shade looked like this when I found it:

It wasn't necessarily something I would buy at a store, but I snatched it up because there was something about it I liked. And like many of you, I have seen the wonders that spray paint can work!

{And for only fifty cents, I didn't have much to lose!}

Painting in progress...I wanted it to be gray, but also wanted to use what I already had on hand. The color is one of my favorites, Gray in Gloss by Valspar. I wish I could find this color in flat, but have yet to see it!

{And did you know that not only is Valspar some of the best spray paint around, it is also extremely affordable at about $ 3.70 per can? LOVE that!}

I like it much better now! I think the gray is a little darker than I would like, but I like this particular shade of gray. {And again, it was what I had on hand, which means free!}

And I'm pleased as punch with the little finial at the top. Before with the brown, it was indistinguishable. But now it stands out all pretty like. {I love sweet little details.}

And how could one resist a unique brown basket?

This was tucked behind many other baskets at my local thrift store, and I had to bring it home with me! I think I paid a wee bit too much for it, I must admit, but it was worth it!

The paint on it had been hastily sprayed, and it needed to be repainted. I lucked out and found what looked like the same color, same sheen of spray paint! Valspar again. ;) I gave it a thorough painting, inside and out.

But something is missing...

That's much better~ some white washcloths ready to freshen up with when needed.

Love those dear handles~ so sweet and vintage like!

And maybe a little lavender doily sachet?

What do you think? With or without the doily sachet?

I think some dried lavender would look lovely in the pitcher, but didn't have any on hand. I will have to see where I can buy some! And oh! How about some little scented soaps?

{Oh, and if you would like to make a lavender doily sachet, click here for the tutorial.}

I am sorry this is such a novel of a post to read! That is what happens when I get going sometimes! ;)

I do hope you have a good night and a lovely Wednesday, and thank you very much for visiting!

And coming tomorrow: A plank ceiling preview, work in progress. I have it primed and am on the first coat of paint now. I hadn't forgotten that I promised this to you last week, but it just didn't happen! But the painting is going well, and hopefully will be done this weekend! {Fingers crossed!}

Well, that's all for now, folks! ;)

Much love,



Patty Marker said...

I love the difference that spray paint made on that little shade, very cute.

michelle said...

I love your finds my friend and I love the color that you chose. Your basket is filled so perfectly and you are right, some dried lavender would look beautiful in there. :) I am so glad that it is warm for you.
Enjoy the day.

. said...

Great finds!! The lampshade is absolutely gorgeous now. And you arranged the little basket so beautifully. Oh...and I like it WITH the lavender sachet. :)

Camasthecat said...

I like the basket! The Lavender doily sachet goes well with it! :D Keep it up!


Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

What lovely finds! Your little basket shade is adorable painted gray and paired with your white lamp! I love that little suitcase basket too and it looks perfect with your whites inside.


About Southern Belle said...

The grey painted lampshade against the white painted lampstand is very nice and cottagey {is that a word?} Very cute and very you and I can just imagine the new creation in your house.

Tiff said...

Ohhh Jenni! What amazing treasures! I am a sucker for wicker so I adore those finds! The shade is perfect now! X

Unknown said...

Your basket is gorgeous and I love the pitcher and doily that you added to it. Very beautiful and feminine.

Lori said...

Yes, definitely keep the sachet! It looks so great! I think I may try to replicate this one day. I'm loving the lampshade too!

Amy Kinser said...

Love the basket that you found and love how you have filled it. And, the lampshaded painted gray is perfect.