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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Dinner Menu

I am a creature of habit.  I find something I like and I stick with it.  Same rules apply with the weekly dinner menu.   So we often eat some of the same meals every week.  However, for the remainder of days I mix it up.  This week I mixed it up a lot by adding two new meals.  You can see these recipes among others at, Quit Eating Out.  

Hamburgers, Fruit Salad, & Chips

 Hawaiian Turkey-Ham Sandwiches with Pesto and Provolone {See recipe here!}  Salad greens with apples, blueberries, pecans with Raspberry Vinaigrette.   Sauteed carrots, red and green bell peppers with onions.
{Just have to add this sandwich was delicious!}

 Roasted Chicken and Rosemary Potatoes with Corn on the Cob {See recipe here!}

  Date night!

  Enchiladas & Chicken Quesadilla
{I'll be sharing my Chicken Quesadilla recipe soon!}

 Pizza & Green Salad


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Erin said...

This all sounds delicious!!

Turley Times said...

I do weekly meal plans too. I've found it saves me from making lots of trips to the store, which in turn saves me from buying a lot of unnecessary stuff I don't need. :) Sometimes we get into a rut but I try to incorporate a new meal or two every week, too. I'm going to look up that chicken and rosemary potatoes recipe; it sounds really good!


Unknown said...

Weekly meal planning makes such good sense. Your meals sound good and fun!


Anonymous said...

We plan our meals ahead of time as well. We have to or we tend to eat out too much. I think everything sounds so good!